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Q: How do I obtain my CLE credit?

A: You should pick up a CLE form at the CLE desk and fill it out accordingly. You must sign in and out to every session except Keynotes and Plenary sessions. Keynotes and Plenary sessions ONLY require you to get your badge scanned. All other sessions require you to sign in and get your badge scanned. Credits will be reduced if you do not sign in to sessions that require you to. Once you are completely done with the conference, please hand in your form at the CLE desk. We are not responsible for timely filing of certificates for forms that are submitted after the conference.

Q: Which sessions are CLE approved?

A: We have applied for CLE credit for all sessions that are marked and .

Q: Do I need to write out the entire name of the sessions that I attend?

A: No. Each of the sessions have codes (Ex- IG1,RC2, TCE3 etc). Just write in the session code on the CLE form, no additional information is necessary.

Q: Is there an additional charge for CLE credit?

A: No, there is no additional charges for CLE credit

Q: Is CLE offered in other states besides CA for LegalTech?

A: Yes CLE is offered in other states beside CA. Please contact our CLE administrator Lazette Jackson directly at 212-457-7912, to verify if we are offering CLE credit for your state and if so how many credits.

Q: Can I apply for credits in more than one state?

A: Yes you may apply for credit in more than one state, however you should check with the CLE administrator Lazette Jackson at 212-457-7912/ ljackson@alm.com, to see if each of your states have been applied to for CLE credits. You only need to fill out one form if you are applying to multiple states. There is an area on the form where you can put multiple states.

Q: Who reports the CLE credits to the CLE boards?

A: ALM reports the CLE credits to all states that the conference has been approved for and that are not Self reporting states. Once we report and or verify your credits you will receive a signed copy of the form in the mail.

Q: How long will it take before my CLE credits are approved?

A: If you submitted your form before you left the conference it takes about 4-6 weeks. However special arrangements can be made if you have an upcoming filing deadline if you speak directly with our CLE administrator Lazette Jackson at 212-457-7912 or email her at ljackson@alm.com

Q: If my badge gets scanned at the CLE eligible sessions, do I still have to sign in?

A: Yes you still must sign in to the sessions in addition to having your badge scanned.

Q: I was a speaker at the conference, if I want to go to other sessions as an attendee, do I still have to sign in?

A: Yes, you must sign into all of the sessions that you are attending to get the correct amount of credits

Q: Can I get a CLE form prior to the conference

A: No, CLE forms are not given out prior to the conference.

Q: I forgot to pick up a CLE form at the conference, How can I get one?

A: Please contact the CLE administrator Lazette Jackson at 212-457-7912/ ljackson@alm.com and she will work with you to get a form and assist you with your CLE credits.

Q: How many CLE forms must I fill out if I am attending multiple days at the conference?

A: You only need to fill out one form for the entire event. Each day has a section that you can fill in per day.