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June 24, 2014

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MED Modernizing E-Discovery DA Data and Analytics AIT Advanced IT TNLE The New Legal Ecosystem BDSF Biz Dev for the Small Firm
Sponsors Driven Sandisk
Track Descriptions Any lawyer or legal department involved in litigation needs to have the latest developments regarding E-Discovery at his/her disposal. This educational track showcases the latest issues impacting E-Discovery today including mobile EDD, the application of innovative technologies such as computational linguistics and the challenges posed by data generated in today’s social and digital ecosystem. Working with large data sets presents an enormous challenge to lawyers and other legal professionals. Whether you are part of a large firm or small corporate department, you simply cannot afford to not have access to tools and strategies that will enable you to create more value from, prioritize and better understand these vast amounts of information. Join us for a series of informative, interactive discussions focused on timely topics such as: applying TAR tools and predictive analytics to your information governance program; the intersection of data privacy/security with E-Discovery and information governance in the context of business transactions; and solutions for managing legacy data.

Brought to you in conjunction with ILTA, the Advanced IT track is designed to bring law firms to the cutting edge of technology.  Get involved in the conversation and examine the results of ILTA’s Tech Survey, including the good decisions law firms are making with regards to technology and how you can mirror their success; key findings and critical imperatives coming out of ILTA’s Legal Technology Future Horizons Research Project, and successful ways to deal with change management. 

From Wall Street to Main Street, technology is changing the practice of law — streamlining routine tasks and providing faster, better and more transparent service to clients. But small firm lawyers continue to face conundrums — how can they build firms that will serve their clients well, yet be affordable — and profitable. Meet innovators who are disrupting the status quo and redefining small firm law practice. A recent survey of General Counsel at 88 major companies suggests that GCs are increasingly willing to move high-stakes work away from pedigreed big law to small and mid-size firms and that many are using social media tools to vet their credentials. In today’s world of giant mega firms, how have so many smaller firms been able to use technology to disrupt the traditional client development model? From social media, to branded content and blogs, CRM technologies and more robust web sites, the tools required to develop business in the today’s business climate are completely different than a generation ago. This track enables attendees to harness the power of technology for a deep dive into client development strategies and real-world, working examples of successful firms .
9:00 -
10:00 AM

KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Disruptive Technology: The Next Game-Changing Innovation

Open to all

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10:00 -
10:30 AM
Exhibit Hall Break
10:30 -
11:45 AM
ED1: Using Mobile Technology in Electronic Data Discovery
DA1: Leveraging Data and Analytics to Optimize Information Governance
AIT1: Legal Technology: Good Trends, Bad Combinations and Ugly Results TNLE1: Can Tech Save Fuel Small Firms?
BDSF1: Introduction

A Comprehensive Business Development and Digital Marketing Technology Plan: Leveraging These Tools to Achieve and Maintain Competitive Advantage
11:45 -
12:45 PM
Exhibit Hall Break
12:45 -
1:45 PM
ED2: Beyond Predictive Coding: Incorporating New Technologies into Your E-Discovery Program
DA2: The Convergence of Data Privacy, Data Security, E-Discovery and Information Governance for Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures
AIT2: ILTA's Legal Technology Future Horizons Research Project: Key Findings and Imperative Actions TNLE2: David v. Goliath: How Small Firms Can Steal Big Law's Work
BDSF2: Competitive Intelligence – how new tools can make it easier to track big data to help your firm land clients and stay one step ahead of the competition
1:45 -
2:15 PM
Exhibit Hall Break
2:15 -
3:30 PM
ED3: Innovative Solutions that Facilitate Discovery in Government Investigations
DA3: Recover or Delete Dark Data? Finding a Balance between Reducing Liability and Profiting from the Information
AIT3: Managing the People Side of Change


TNLE3: Competitor or Frenemy?

2:15 – 3:00 PM
BDSF3: Leveraging Linked In to improve visibility with in-house counsel who are hiring

3:00 – 3:45 PM
BDSF4: How to Protect Your Online Reputation Against Disgruntled Ex-Clients and Angry Litigants: For You, Your Firm and Your Clients
3:30 -
4:00 PM
Exhibit Hall Break
3:45 – 5:00 PM
BDSF5: Taking the Fear out of CRM –Practical and Proven Approaches to Making it Work for Your Firm
4:00 -
5:00 PM
Day Plenary Session

PLENARY SESSION: The Golden Grail: Selling Your Company—Advice from Venture Capitalists, Investors & Investment Bankers

5:00 PM Cocktail Reception

Emerging Technology

Open To All
10:30 - 11:30am

The Future of Collaboration for Law Firms

12:45 – 1:45pm

Big Data Analytics Applied to Transactional Law

2:15 – 3:15pm

Email: The Client Mandate on Security


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